What a year. 2013 has been a marathon of travel, teaching, readings, residencies, working on a new book, sewing strange new structures from paper and plastic, printing,fundraising, sourcing equipment, sorting type, planting trees and this year's garlic, writing handfuls of proposals and applications, piled on top of all the 'normal' responsibilites of life. But rather than running this marathon on any kind of trail, I feel more like I've spent the last eleven months rolling down a steep hill, bouncing over roots and being scratched by rocks.

Now, at last, I've arrived at the base, a little addled, and definitely with more grey hair, but more or less intact. As I write this, I do wonder if the hiatus has already occurred, or if it is what I am now considering: a break from the way I've been doing things, a breather, a chance to play and think quietly while the winter is here. I'll just make a little pile of leaves at the bottom of this ravine and let the snow drift overhead.