More New Work (Doha)

I'm embarrassed to admit that in the last month? Two months? I've produced, um, two paintings. Not up to my usual standard. Then again, I can't actually interact with the land here. It sure upsets my routine.

kaff mariam (detail)
egg tempera and coffee on paper

We saw this plant out in Zekreet, in the desert. It curls up into this fisted shape after it flowers, guarding its seeds until the next rain softens its branches, allowing the seeds to be released. As the shape might suggest, it is often blown across the desert like a tumbleweed.

sodom's apple no.3
acrylic on canvas

These seedpods were the only interesting thing I could find in our neighbourhood, aside from the aloes. Also, I could carry them home. I planted some seeds in the garden. The next batch of paintings of this plant will hopefully be of the beautiful chalky leaves amd waxy purple flowers.
Enough seedpods already.



aloescape no.3
acrylic on canvas
73cm x 60cm
For Sale: $750 CAD (+S&H)
Some new paintings from my new environs. Our compound has a lot of Aloe plants. My favourite ones have scars. Like people, this gives them character.

sodom's apple no.2
This is the empty seedpod of Calotropis procera, a large local plant related to milkweed. It is interesting that this plant, like its Canadian cousin, is also a monarch butterfly host plant.

aloescape no.2
acrylic on canvas
The colours here are so different from the rainforest!
All these soothing pastels. When the aloes are short of water they get these peachy-purple hues.

Cassia seeds
acrylic on canvas
A study, perhaps, for a larger painting showcasing the great brainy-pattern on the seeds.

aloescape no. 1
acrylic on canvas
My first aloe painting, which looks a bit too much like an octopus, but nonetheless has a soothing quality.

sodom's apple no. 1
acrylic on canvas