Past and Future

I don't know why the end of the winter always makes me feel nostalgic. Maybe it is about waking up from all the deep dreaming I do in the dark months, waking up and remembering the life I lived before winter, and the life still to be lived (can one be nostalgic for the future? how about nostalgia for alternate realities?). Maybe we all emerge from winter tender as new leaves.

Anyway, for several months, I've been busy sifting through photographs and trying to remember dimensions, and generally being forced to reflect on what I've been up to the last several years, while my friend, graphic designer Kristy Read developed a website for me. Dear blog, don't take this the wrong way, but this is finally the elegant, grown-up (yet-Basmian) website I've always wanted. Dear friends and friendly strangers, I hope you will visit: http://www.basmakavanagh.ca/

And, as usual, I have several other things cooking. Some have simmered almost long enough (they're thick and sticky and smell just right). I'll serve them up any minute now. The others, well...they might mature overnight like mushrooms, or they might be 14 year cicada larvae. It's hard to say... but at least one of them will be: